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New Member: State-of-the-art kiwi conservation facility joins Species360

New Species360 member Kiwis for kiwi is a national charity that supports community-led and Māori-led kiwi conservation projects. The trust intends to increase kiwi populations by two percent every year.

A new state of the art kiwi incubation facility near Taupō, New Zealand, supported by The Kiwi Trust, has joined Species360. As part of a nationwide program to boost the population of kiwi, the Crombie Lockwood Kiwi Burrow will use our Zoological Information Management System (ZIMS) to improve the care and conservation of this iconic national species.

The incubation, hatching and brooding facility is one of several facilities nationwide that are supported by The Kiwi Trust and the New Zealand Department of Conservation. Known as “Kiwis for kiwi,” the large scale initiative helps to secure safe habitats and to grow more kiwi for release to protected areas in the wild.

The 5 Species of Kiwi: Learn more about the Brown Kiwi, Greater Spotted Kiwi, Little Spotted Kiwi, Rowi, and Tokoeka at the Kiwis for kiwi image gallery.

“As part of a national charity dedicated to conserving kiwi, Kiwis for Kiwi ensures that the national icon goes ‘from endangered to everywhere,’ says Species360 Adjunct Regional Coordinator and Trainer Tineke Joustra. Tineke will work with the team from the Kiwi Burrow to help improve the care and conservation of kiwi populations using ZIMS.

The Kiwi Trust helps to grow populations of kiwi at many of the 460 Kōhanga Reo sites throughout New Zealand, especially in the south and far north regions of the country. For more information, read The Kiwi Trust Annual Report.

Learn more about the important work being done on behalf of kiwi species at Kiwis for kiwi.

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