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ZIMS for Husbandry: Animal Graphing Helps Compare Growth and Feeding Over Time, for Individuals and Groups

ZIMS for Husbandry Animal Graphing helps keepers chart and compare feed and weight over time, for individuals and groups.

Available immediately, members of Species360 are using a new ZIMS for Husbandry Animal Graphing feature to compare growth and feeding trends for individuals and groups of animals. The new multi-animal graphing tool is available immediately for Species360 institutional members using ZIMS.

“Animal Graphing for weights and feeding has been added in response to requests from Species360 members, and we believe it will help care teams to adapt feeding to the unique needs of individuals and groups,” said Meredith Knott, Product Owner, ZIMS for Aquatics and ZIMS for Husbandry, Species360.

Access ZIMS Animal Graphing

  1. Login to ZIMS
  2. Select Start > Tools > Animal Graphing Tool OR use the Animal > Graphing tool button at top of Details tab
  3. Don’t see it?  Make sure your local admin has turned on “Role Control Access” for Animal > Animal Graphing Tool

Use ZIMS Animal Graphing for Individuals and Groups

Now that you have Animal Graphing in ZIMS for Husbandry, here are some of the things you can do:

  • Graph animal weights and animal feed log daily totals for one or more animals!
  • Compare growth and feeding trends among animals or groups.
  • Graph multiple animals and multiple record types, with the option to group by record types or by animal.
  • Export images or raw data for the animals and records selected.
  • Zoom to see more detail!  Drag your mouse over an area to enlarge the graph.
  • Save favorite filters:  Create a favorite setting for animals in your care to quickly graph on a regular basis.
  • Change up the y-axis:  Customize the y-axis to set your own minimum and maximum details in order to view at their chosen level of detail.
ZIMS Animal Graphing enables care teams to compare weight and feeding for multiple animals over time. Source: ZIMS for Husbandry / Species360
Bottlenose dolphin: Care teams use ZIMS Animal Graphing to track weight and feeding for individuals over time. Source: ZIMS for Husbandry / Species360

What’s Next? Species360 will continue to enhance the graphing tool with additional record types to give users a complete, visual view of husbandry trends for individuals and groups over time.

Thank you to all of our Species360 members that provided input to this new feature, and to our development team for making it happen! 

For training and additional help, go to Animal Graphing Tool.

Got questions? Contact your Member Support Representative at We appreciate hearing from you.

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