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Radio Canada: Granby Zoo and Species360 members provide data critical to saving species

Radio Canada reporter Gino Harel visits Granby Zoo to get a closer look at the role of zoos in providing data critical to species conservation. This story is an example of worldwide coverage of zoos curating missing species data following Species Knowledge Index research led by Species360 Director of Science Dalia Conde and published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Follow along as Harel goes on site at Species360 member Granby Zoo to speak with Pauline Leggett, registrar, and Patrick Paré, biologist and director of conservation and research.

Le reportage de Gino Harel est diffusé le 30 juin à l’émission Les années lumière sur ICI PREMIÈRE.

Thank you to Pauline and Patrick for hosting Radio Canada and sharing this important look at how zoos improve animal welfare and inform species conservation.

A leopard of love stretches through branches opening its mouth.
Out of nearly 230 species present in Granby, some forty are identified as vulnerable or at risk of extinction, according to Patrick Paré, biologist and director of conservation and research.

Zoos tracking endangered species / Radio Canada

Gino Harel / Whether they are leopards, Japanese macaques or hippopotamuses, the animals at Granby Zoo all have individual records. Staff document their behaviors and the care they receive. A wealth of information for researchers interested in the conservation of endangered species around the world…[Full Story]

For the radio broadcast (in French), scroll down to the story here.

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