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Ask Adrienne: Help for a busy penguin keeper is in ZIMS Husbandry Log Template

Adelie penguin jumping between two ice floes

Those hungry penguins! Did Armstrong eat 3 smelt and 1 mackerel or 3 mackerel and 1 smelt?

Did Wheezy finally try a squid?

Is Mon Ami’s appetite back up from when she was in molt?

I have a dozen penguins and I have to track their twice daily feedings in detail. Then once a month I have to weigh them all. Plus, I need to track measurements in their exhibit such as water and air temperature and indicate if the pool is the correct level. Can ZIMS help me?

This is a perfect situation for using a Husbandry Log Template to help keep track of who ate what and how they are doing weight-wise. Husbandry Log Templates capture the data you need to record on both the animals and their enclosures.

1 / Create one sheet for your penguins using Animal Feeding Log and Animal Weights. 2 / Create a second sheet for the exhibit using Enclosure Measurement and Enclosure Checklist Item. 3 / Now you can open the Template and tab through each penguin and record the feedings. 4/ Once a month you can easily record the weights. Opening the second sheet lets you record your exhibit measurements and check Yes or No for the pool level.

For details on creating and using a Husbandry Log Template go to Husbandry Log Template.

Thanks for all you do each day for the animals in your care.

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