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7 key features of ZIMS for Studbooks Overlays

Improved data analysis for Studbook users

Species360 is happy to announce the release of overlay functionality within the ZIMS for Studbooks module!

The ZIMS for Studbooks Overlay functionality allows the users to apply assumptive data to their studbooks and export this data to PMx for analysis.  The ZIMS for Studbooks Overlay feature replaces legacy overlay functionality in PopLink and SPARK-plug.  Studbook Keepers maintaining a master (true) and an assumptions studbook will now be able to combine them into one studbook. One common use for overlays is to clarify an animal’s parentage. For example, if you have an animal with undetermined (UND) parentage records, you can change it to known parents within the overlay.

Studbooks Overlay

ZIMS for Studbooks Overlay key features

(1) Managing your overlays:

  • Create, edit, delete, copy overlays
  • Apply and turn off overlays

(2) Edit animal records within the overlay mode

  • Edit transaction, sex, parent, and notes with overlay mode
    • (Example: change undetermined sire to wild with overlay applied)

(3) Add a hypothetical animal to the overlay

(4) View a list of all animals with assumption data applied

(5) Pedigree reports displaying assumption data

(6) PMx export with overlay data applied

(7) Role access

  • Read only and add/edit/delete access

How to access ZIMS for Studbooks Overlay

You can request access to ZIMS for Studbooks Overlay functionality through your regional association –  please contact your regional representative for more information.

To learn more

Training materials can be found in the Help Menu in ZIMS or in this PDF document.

Please let us know at if you have any questions or would like more information on ZIMS for Studbooks Overlay.

Studbooks Overlay

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