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ZIMS for Studbooks the first year

Milestones to remember on our first Studbooks anniversary

Studbooks anniversary
Javan Green Magpie, one of the critically endangered species managed in ZIMS for Studbooks

It’s been an eventful year for ZIMS for Studbooks! Today marks one year since we released our revolutionary new Studbooks module. With the release of ZIMS for Studbooks we connected Studbooks data to Husbandry data, improving the efficiency and data quality of studbook management. For the first time, Studbook Keepers get institutional updates instantaneously – as soon as relevant information is added to the records! Since then, we have continued to release new functionality including pedigree tools, overlays, and many other improvements. A huge thank you to all our members for their support over this past year. A shout-out also to all the Studbook Keepers who took the leap to manage their studbooks in ZIMS. With your support and enthusiasm, we have been able to achieve some awesome milestones for our first Studbooks anniversary!

238 studbooks and counting

Studbooks anniversary
Manatee, one of the endangered species managed in ZIMS for Studbooks

Within the first year of release, 238 studbooks from 7 regional associations (WAZA, EAZA, ZAA, AZA, PAAZA, ZAA-US and ACOPAZOA) have transitioned to ZIM for Studbooks. Some fun facts about our early adopters for our first Studbooks anniversary:

  • The taxa includes 132 mammals, 79 birds, 19 reptiles, 5 fish, 2 amphibians, and 1 invertebrate.
  • Of the species represented in these studbooks, 13% are near threatened, 19% are vulnerable, 15% are endangered and 13% are critically endangered according to the IUCN redlist.
  • Studbooks anniversary
    Turquoise dwarf gecko, one of the critically endangered species managed in ZIMS for Studbooks (Image credit: Esther Böck)

    3 studbooks are managed by institutions that are not Species360 members and we are thrilled about this collaboration!

  • 13 new studbooks were created from scratch by using Species360 global data.
  • ZIMS studbooks are managed by 208 Studbook Keepers from 119 institutions/zoological organizations. We want to thank both the Studbook Keepers and their sponsoring organizations for their conservation contributions to these species. We hope that you find ZIMS for Studbooks to be as great of an asset to you as you are to our global community.

Try out the Studbooks sandbox!

Studbooks anniversary
African wild dog / Painted hunting dog, one of the endangered species managed in ZIMS for Studbooks

We are excited about the future of ZIMS for Studbooks and we hope you are too! If you are eager to learn the new module and see what it will be like for your studbook, you can sign up for the Studbooks testing sandbox for free.

The Studbooks testing sandbox is a replica of ZIMS that was created for migrating Studbook Keepers to “play” and test the system prior to migrating their studbook. Essentially, the sandbox allows you to learn ZIMS for Studbooks and preview your migrated data at your own pace. In the testing sandbox, you can….

  • View and edit a copy of your studbook data in a test environment before migration
  • Learn how to navigate the new ZIMS for Studbooks module using a studbook you already know
  • Access and review all training materials available for ZIMS for Studbooks via the Help Menu

Interested in the Studbooks testing sandbox?  Please click the button below to sign up and follow the directions to gain access to the sandbox testing environment.

Thanks again to everyone for a wonderful first year in ZIMS for Studbooks! We look forward to continuing to work together to improve studbook management. Here is to one successful year and to many more to come!

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