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Al Bustan Zoological Centre Advancing Conservation in the Middle East

Conservation workshop this October at the Environmental Agency Abu Dhabi

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Al Bustan Zoological Centre

Peter Donlon

Director, Global Member Development


(21 September 2017 ) Al Bustan Zoological Centre (ABZC) will take a leadership role in international conservation efforts by sponsoring a conservation workshop at the Environmental Agency Abu Dhabi. Bringing together key representatives from the agency, as well as the General Secretariat for the Conservation of the Arabian Oryx and Species360, the workshop, to be held in October, will continue to expand the conservation work that ABZC has helped to spearhead in the region.

“Thanks to your leadership and dedication – combined with your staff’s teamwork and energy – we are now seeing significant progress in data and species management initiatives across the Middle East,” says Peter Donlon, director of Global Member Development for Species360, in a special thanks to His Excellency Mr. Abdul Jaleel Al Blouki, owner and founder of ABZC. ” You and your employees should take great pride in what ABZC has accomplished. We look forward with anticipation to working together with you on future advances.”

Joining nearly 1,100 progressive zoological members in 93 countries, ABZC has provided consistent guidance and influence across the Arabian region in such critical areas as wildlife records management, health care effectiveness, breeding, species management, and fauna conservation.

Recognizing that better data is a key element in advancing these goals, ABZC became a Species360 member in 2007 and sponsored two ZIMS training workshops in recent years. The upcoming workshop in October marks the third workshop that ABZC is sponsoring, underscoring their leadership and commitment to excellent animal care and conservation.

ABZC logoAbout Al Bustan Zoological Centre

Al Bustan Zoological Centre (ABZC – is owned by His Excellency Mr. Abdul Jaleel Al Blouki and was founded 20 years ago. The Zoo is situated in the heart of the United Arab Emirates in the Sharjah Emirate. In the past 11 years, the focus has shifted from a private collection to a zoo, and Al Bustan is now a member of Species360, SEAZA, WAZA and AZAA. With approximately 125 species in the collection, Al Bustan is focused on conservation programs for endangered species like the cheetah, okapi, clouded leopard and Indian rhino to name a few.

About Species360

Successful animal care depends on applying the best actions possible for long-term animal health and survival. And that means tapping into the best knowledge available. As a nonprofit serving our community for more than 40 years, Species360 continues to advance knowledge sharing for excellent animal care and conservation. Today, more than 1070 zoos, aquariums and other wildlife member organizations in 90+ countries use Species360 ZIMS software to help them achieve best practice animal management and conservation goals.

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