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3 reasons why Fat Fluffs Rescue Center decided on ZIMS

Species360 membership is not just for zoos and aquariums

That’s right. The Zoological Information Management System (ZIMS) is not just for zoos and aquariums. A few weeks ago Fat Fluffs Rescue Center decided to join the Species360 global community of zoos, aquariums and wildlife organizations who use ZIMS for best practices animal records management. After taking an extensive look at ZIMS, Fat Fluffs Rescue Center deemed it to be a suitable rescue center animal care software solution that fit their needs.

International Rabbit Day – caring for rabbit welfare

Just in time for International Rabbit Day! This international awareness day, celebrated on the fourth Saturday of September, promotes the protection and care of rabbits both domestic and wild. For 2017, it will be held on September 23. In talking with Fat Fluffs Rescue Center about their work with rabbits, it became clear that collection management and healthcare were top of mind.

Kathryn Paterson of Fat Fluffs Rescue Center
Kathryn Paterson (Photo credit: Fat Fluffs Rescue Center)

Using ZIMS for our rabbit rescue allows us to track the movements of all the rabbits we rescue and re-home as well as monitoring their medical and mental well-being. We really like it!”

–Kathryn Paterson – Medical Care Co-ordinator, Fat Fluffs Rescue Center

Devon, a Fat Fluffs Rescue Center bunny
Devon, one of the rescue rabbits (Photo credit: Fat Fluffs Rescue Center)

The 3 membership benefits that Fat Fluffs really likes:

Kathryn shared that she particularly likes these three things about being a new Species360 member:

  1. The interaction between the husbandry and medical modules
  2. Great support from the Species360 team
  3. The ability to record a high amount of information on our rabbits

Bunnies in the sun at Fat Fluffs Rescue CenterSpecies360 ZIMS – rescue center animal care software

Fat Fluffs Rescue Center is just one of the more diverse institutions that join our global community. With a lot of movement from animals coming and going, rescue centers have a need for a robust system to keep track of all the information involved. If paper records are not the chosen solution, usually Excel is the next go-to solution for organizations that are looking to get their animal records in order. However, these systems do not always provide a satisfactory experience. For starters, getting information out can be a really time consuming job (especially with a paper based system). The program can also quickly become too complex to keep track of large, or quickly changing, collections of information.

ZIMS is trialed and tested by our global community to offer a flexible and powerful record-keeping solution that is also intuitive and easy to navigate. As a non-profit organization, we welcome a range of diverse organizations from around the world into our community, such as rescue centers or wildlife sanctuaries. All of them can benefit from ZIMS on a local AND global scale. It becomes easier to share information on your animals, stimulate discussions and help people find solutions faster for the problems they encounter.

So, are you leading a rescue center? Or Sanctuary? Feel free to reach out and request information about our membership. Perhaps ZIMS is precisely what you are looking for to upgrade your organization in the area of maintaining proper animal records. Our team is ready and happy to provide you with all the information you need.

About Fat Fluffs Rescue Center

Fat Fluffs is a rabbit rescue and sanctuary based in Hampton in Arden in the West Midlands. They take in all sorts of rabbits and as far as possible we find them loving forever homes. For those with more challenging personalities or continuing health problems they provide sanctuary for them at the institution, where they stay as part of the family.

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