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ZIMS for Husbandry Usability Survey

Hello everyone, I’m Nicole Errante, the product owner for ZIMS for Husbandry. ZIMS for Husbandry includes the Institution, Animal, Enclosure, Life Support, and Component modules. I am looking for input from as many users as possible on the usability of ZIMS.

Survey closes August 30th 2017

What does “usability” mean? In software, usability is an term that describes how easy the interface is to use.  It takes in to consideration several factors:

  • Learnability — How easy it is to accomplish a basic task the first time a user enters the program. It is also important that it is easy to maintain proficiency even after not using the system for a long period of time.
  • Efficiency — How quickly can you get your tasks accomplished.
  • Errors — How often a user makes an error and how easy it is for them to recover.
  • Satisfaction — Finally satisfaction is how pleasant the software is to use.

We would like to get an idea from users how good (or bad) the usability is in ZIMS for Husbandry.  We would like to make some improvements and this survey will help us determine what areas we should focus on.  It is my hope we can get input from a wide variety of users, from people who may have only been in the husbandry side once or twice to super users who are in the system every day.  So even if you have only played around in the husbandry module a bit, please feel free to take the survey!

We look forward to seeing the results and implementing changes to make our software easier for you to use!

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