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ZIMS for Studbooks Launched


Enhances Wildlife Population Management Programs Globally


Minneapolis, Minnesota USA – 24 April 2017 – Species360 is pleased to announce to our global membership the initial release today of our newest product, ZIMS for Studbooks.

The product will be a global, integrated, real-time studbook database that will connect institutional and studbook records, making studbooks more comprehensive, the Studbook Keeper’s job easier, and strengthening species management.  This new solution will replace studbook software solutions, including SPARKS and PopLink.

Working closely with our regional association partners at EAZA, ZAA and AZA, their studbooks will now begin to be migrated into ZIMS for Studbooks.  Initially, a total of approximately 30 studbooks will be prioritized by these associations and migrated each month.  This rate is expected to increase throughout 2017.  To ensure that Studbook Keepers migrating their studbooks have ample support from both Species360 and their Associations, it is estimated to require a year or two for all of their 1000+ studbooks to transition into ZIMS for Studbooks. species360-zfs-black

We’re pleased with the excitement being expressed by our other association partners and their Studbook Keepers.  Later this year we’ll begin to work with these associations on a schedule and training approach for migrating their existing studbooks, as well as the use of ZIMS for Studbooks in creating new regional studbooks.

As the rollout of ZIMS for Studbooks progresses throughout this year, the functionality will continue to expand to support a wider variety of Studbook Keeper needs, and the migration of additional studbooks with more complex data requirements.

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  1. Congratulations! I am really looking forward to using this product for my studbook. Thanks for all your hard work!

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