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Getting help in ZIMS is easier than ever

How do I add an enclosure to ZIMS?walkme_blog
Where do I change my password?
How can I change the number of results that show in a search result window?

In the last three months more than 1,000 ZIMS users asked that last question and were given immediate answers by our WalkMe online help system. Since WalkMe’s launch just under one year ago, this new help system has been used almost 21,000 times by nearly 6,500 ZIMS users.

You will find many ways in which WalkMe has improved ZIMS’ usability. Throughout the site, the little “?” icons explain concepts, provide term definitions, offer links to videos and help documents, or help you via step-by-step instructions.

With the January 30 launch of the new version of ZIMS you have probably seen the ‘pop up’ that greeted you when you logged in. These pop-ups are a feature of WalkMe that allow us to communicate with you directly. It also provides a single location where our users can find help documentation, training PowerPoints and videos and a guided walk-through offered in WalkMe, a real time-saver for our members. To access it, just follow this link: (requires a ZIMS login).

walkmeblog3_smWalkMe has also helped alert our users when a feature bug has been identified. While our team is resolving the issue, we post a visual notation inside of ZIMS, right where the problem has been identified.

WalkMe has helped us resolve some of the greatest challenges we face supporting a growing community of 1,000+ members in more than 90 countries. Help is now immediately available anytime, around the clock. It also provides a single access point for self-service training and help documents and ensuring a direct line of communication with our daily ZIMS users.

We’re always looking for ways to improve our applications and the ways in which members use them. That means we welcome your input to improve your experience.

Josh Courteau
Species360 Training Manager

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