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Bringing ZIMS to Eurasia

Alex Kantorovich, Species360's Eurasia Regional Coordinator
Alex Kantorovich, Species360’s Eurasia Regional Coordinator

Did you know that Eurasia is one of Species360’s fastest growing regions in the world? During 2016 alone, 16 organizations became members of Species360 for the first time.

Knowing that many of the ZIMS users here are Russian-speaking, Species360 launched a Russian version of ZIMS this year. Now, of our 302 Russian-speaking ZIMS users, 139—46%–use the Russian-language version.

But language, alone, isn’t always enough to turn new members into able ZIMS users. That’s why our Species360 regional coordinator Alex Kantorovich—himself a Russian-speaker—launched a grueling training program of 11 separate, multi-day and sometimes multi-lingual training workshops that reached a total of 175 people. And here’s a final statistic we think will impress you: zoos are Alex’s passion. He has visited 311 institutions around the world. Who could possibly be a better Species360 and ZIMS ambassador?

–Staff, Species360

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