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Keep in Touch!

I’ve just gotten back from vacation, where I spent time with old friends from my years working at Binder Park Zoo.  As we parted ways, we promised each other we’d keep in touch.

That made me think of a project we’ve been working on “behind the scenes” here at Species360.  The past several years have seen big changes for you, our members, as you moved from our legacy software to ZIMS.  Just like you, we’ve moved from older legacy systems to new software for managing our business.  We even had our own data migration project from our old contact management system to our new one – and that meant we brought thousands of old contact names and email addresses with us.

When we need to contact you, it’s critical that we have current information.  Sometimes we need to send information to your directors, or to your Species360 representative, or to the invoice recipient at your institution.  If those contacts aren’t in ZIMS, we don’t have a way to get information to you that you need as a member of Species360.

The project we’ve been working on this summer has been to move all the old, “hidden” contacts into ZIMS where you can see them.  You might have noticed some additions to your staff list – that’s us, making those “hidden” contacts visible to you (they are not visible outside your institution.)  If they are old or incorrect, please update them or mark them obsolete!  That way, we won’t send messages to the wrong people.

It’s easy to manage your staff list in ZIMS – just click “Start > Institution > My Institution” and then expand the Staff grid.  You can right-click on each staff member and choose “View/Edit Staff Details” to update names, job types, emails, etc.  It is critical that you have at least a director, Species360 Representative, and Species360 Invoice Recipient identified at your institution so you don’t miss critical communications from us.  And of course, you can always reach out to us at

After all, we want to keep in touch!

— Elisabeth Hunt, Member Support and Training Director, Species360

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