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All together now!

All together now

I am continually in awe of the passion and energy that the zoological community contributes to species conservation, and I am proud of the part that we can play in it. When you combine the right information with the right decisions and the best actions, we can make a real and lasting difference for animals and their species. ZIMS is where information where that difference can start.

white_amadina_birdsThere are over 3.4 million animals represented in MS today, representing over 14,000 different species. If you look at animals past and present, that total more than doubles. These animals come from our 1,000 members in 88 different countries. That is an incredible wealth of information at our members’ disposal. Want to know how many mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians of fish are there? Want to know which are categorized as IUCN Critically Endangered? See for yourself. It’s as easy as clicking on the Charts tool in the Animal module.

We are also very excited to be working with our regional association partners to identify studbooks in ZIMS. There are over 1,200 studbook keeper assignments captured in ZIMS, including contact details. You can see that in the Studbook module today.

For animal healthcare, we are pleased to aggregate nearly 100 million medical records in different ways to offer new and valuable veterinarian resources to our members. Global Anesthesia Summaries and Global Drug Usage Extracts were recently released, adding to our widely used Global Reference Intervals. Look in the Medical module to see.

There are unbelievable amounts of data available in ZIMS by and for our members to serve their needs in caring for the animals and species.

–Doug Verduzco, Chief Information Officer
International Species Information System

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